Reef Krystal Star Sandals

women's reef sandalsReef Krystal Star sandals are a favorite among many ladies who often visit the beach. You could practically wear these types of women’s reef sandals anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you plan on playing Frisbee, taking place a surfing expedition, or even grooving in them at a friend’s party. These sandals are for multiuse and in contrast to others – they have a great feel. For those people who have worn thongs before, you know exactly how flimsy they can be. For example, the strap part is nearly non-existent and can easily fall off. Luckily, the Star sandals are a great addition for sports enthusiasts and is a prime sort of the best sandals you could potential get.

There are many brands out there offering, surf beach sandals and footwear, but handful of can match up the quality, comfort or style that the Reef brand has got to offer. The Reef brand was launched by two Argentinean brothers, who were passionately driven to producing and providing top-class merchandise for the surfers of the world. Their product of put all was surf footwear. Along with their surfing experiences, they learned more about their focus product with their very first surf shop in Argentina in 1978, then by dealing a surf shop in California throughout the early eighties and finally by putting all their efforts and capital into opening their own surf shop near Rose Canyon in 1984.

Most women have had problems with their other thongs or sandals breaking apart when being a part of an extreme sport. To be truthful, this shouldn’t be considered a sandal at all. However, with the Reef Krystal Star Sandals – you will definitely be able to circumvent and make the most of your day, without worrying about sandal damage. These are incredibly sturdy, having thick straps and a thick foot-bed.

Thus, the Reef brand was launched. Success came their way as soon as they ran a very smart ad campaign, featuring an anonymous “Miss Reef.” As attractive as Miss Reef was, her face was never revealed causing a stir in public curiosity. This ad was a total hit and so with it, was Reef’s very worthy sandals. Today, Reef has expanded its range of products to include a swim and clothing line. It has also made it a point to specially cater to the product specifications made by men, women and kids.