Reef Sandals History

women's reef sandalsReef sandals are a brand of sporty sandals, known as flip-flops. Two Argentine brothers, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, fashioned their brand in the 1980s to support their lively lifestyles. Their participation in the surfing picture led them to open their own surf shop in Argentina in the 1970s. Ultimately they moved from Argentina to the San Diego beach community of La Jolla, California. This is where Reef began. Starting out with $4000, the brothers set out to make the world’s best active reef sandal. Their product rapidly obtained a devoted following amongst surfers and beach goers. Reef has consequently grown into one of the world’s principal active sandal producer.

Natives of Argentina, Reef’s founders, brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, began surfing as kids. The brothers engrossed themselves in the surfing lifestyle; from endorsing international surfing competitions, to hosting radio shows on the sport, and in time opening a surf shop in Argentina in the 1970s.

It is nowadays one of the peak active lifestyle brands in the world; it’s the world’s leader in authentic, surf-inspired footwear. Reef sandals and closed-toe footwear have made great tread, appealing to the whole active lifestyle market, from surfers and skaters, to snowboarders and wake boarders and others who enjoy an vigorous lifestyle all over the world.

Reef has always merge the impudent attitude of the beach way of life with a promise to building trendy, surf inspired products for man and women. Reef’s motivation comes from the world around us which the brothers tenderly call Planet Reef.

Planet Reef is a mixture of cool products, extreme sports, art, fashion, and music. Never taking themselves too seriously, the people at Reef undertake to balance work and play.